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What is a Domain?

A domain name is a string that identifies a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes. Wikipedia

Why is a Domain Important?

Whether you own an existing business or have an idea for a startup, you need a strong online presence. Usually, the first thing your potential customer will do when searching out your product or service is to conduct a web search, and if your website is relatively easy to find and navigate, you’ll greatly increase your chances of a sale.

Webautics suggests giving your brand home with a custom domain. Then launch a website to sell products or take appointments, all with built-in marketing tools to help you boost sales and find fans.

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Social Considerations

Check social media handles


Check the competition. Look at the domain names of competitors and leaders in clients’ industries.


Make it Easy

Shorter is better

On Brand

Make it easy to type & remember.

Make it Timeless

Avoid slang & pop culture


What is Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that hosts websites for clients, i.e. it offers the facilities required for them to create and maintain a site and makes it accessible on the World Wide Web. Companies providing web hosting services are sometimes called web hosts. Wikipedia

Why is Hosting Important?

Having a good website hosting is essential so your brand can offer a quality service to the public. Hosting can be used for many applications, such as systems, virtual stores, blogs, and websites, with advantages ranging from better performance to greater security.
Webautics hosting is specifically focused on startups. Our focus uses performance, price, and support as primary considerations. The following are the types of hosting services that meet our focus criteria.

During the Project Discovery, we learn what is the best choice for hosting you and your company to start with.

Shared Hosting

A shared web hosting service is a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. This is generally the most economical option for hosting, as the overall cost of server maintenance is spread over many customers. Wikipedia

Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. The virtual dedicated server also has a similar meaning. Wikipedia

Virtual Dedicated Servers

A virtual private server is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. The virtual dedicated server also has a similar meaning. Wikipedia


  • Ideal for new sites and small sites.
  • Inexpensive; as low as $3 to $5 USD per month


  • Slow
  • Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of websites together on a single server
  • All websites on the server share their resources, including bandwidth, memory and CPU power.



  • While VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it’s cheaper than dedicated hosting.
  • Compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting offers better security options.
  • VPS hosting offer a high-performance level with excellent speed.



  • Compared to shared hosting, virtual private server hosting is more expensive.
  • While VPS hosting is more secure compared to shared hosting, it’s not as secure as dedicated server hosting.

  • More reliable performance.
  • You have control of the server.
  • Much safer and more secure.


  • More expensive.
  • Technically advanced.


What is Cyber Security?

Computer security, cybersecurity, or information technology security is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft of, or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Wikipedia

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Web security is important to keeping hackers and cyber-thieves from accessing sensitive information. Without a proactive security strategy, businesses risk the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, networks, and other IT infrastructures.

Security Is Baked In

Every Webautics developed website undergoes a multi-point security implementation checklist

Fire Wall

Webautic deploys Name brand Firewall on each site we create and manage.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves. 2FA is implemented to better protect both a user’s credentials and the resources the user can access.

Timely Updates

Webautics deploys technology and “eyes on” procedures to ensure websites are kept up to date.


Webautics monitors our managed sites, and web industry sources for Security updates, precautions, and trends to ensure our clients are protected.


We know most people starting a business don’t come to their website project with all their content ready to go. That’s why we provide an exclusive and easy to use tool, which provides suggestions and intuitively, can help enable you to tell your best story.

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system is computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. A CMS is typically used for enterprise content management and web content management. Wikipedia

Webautics primarily uses WordPress


WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet. (W3Techs, 2022) And it’s FREE

According to data from W3Techs, WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022. This is an increase from 39.5% in 2021. That means that two out of every five websites use WordPress.

Content Assitance

Webautics provides tool helps you tell the story you want to tell, and that your audience whats to know. Content is King (or Queen), and only you are King or Queen of your content. We put you in charge and help you create the best content you intend for your website.

Content is what a website exists to convey.

  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolios
  • People
  • Places 
  • Art
  • Graphics

Media creation, editing & optimization

Photo manipulation involves the transformation or alteration of a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results.


Security is one of the biggest reasons for doing proper website maintenance. You have the responsibility to protect the data of your customers. At the same time, you have to protect your employees and yourself.

Lifecycle Maintenance

  • Change All Passwords periodically
  • Create a Complete Backup of the Website
  • Check and Update All WordPress Files
  • Check and Delete Spam Comments
  • Test All the Forms
  • Optimize the Database
  • Run Performance Tests
  • Find and Fix 404 Errors
  • Find and Fix Broken Links
  • Perform a Thorough Content and SEO Audit
  • Optimize Images website
  • Review Security Logs
  • Troubleshooting Maintenance Tasks

Why a WordPress Maintenance Plan is Important


Our Pledge

Personal Attention

Personal attention is at the heart of everything we do. Listening, Discovering, and Implementing the Website or Marketing effort that you intend is our promise. 

Responsive Themes

Responsive Web Design is about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize a website. Responsive Web Design is about making a website look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones):

Built-In Security

Webautics implements security protocols with each web project. In Fact, we implement multi-point security measures as the 1st order of business with each Web Design.

Full Customization

Every project is a custom project. The first part of every project is listening.

On-Going Maintenance

Web sites inherently have a lot of moving parts, and all of them require updates and fixes over time. Webautics ensures that your website is continually maintained.

World-Class Support

Webautics provides world-class support. World-class service is defined as vastly exceeding customers’ expectations and building brand loyalty as a result.

A partnership with Webautics Llc is my commitment to be your; Technical, Website, and Marketing partner, every day.

John Tourgee – Founder

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